The Cookbook of Good Morning: CupFull of November

All we are is dust in the wind. Stardust

Diversity of the world positively amazes me.
Take November, for example.
What is the meaning of it? The implications?
Dreary rain. Morning gloominess. Cold feet and running nose.
Golden leaves withering away to tatters.
Sweaters. Wool gloves. Timberland boots. Hiking the moors. Exploring the woods.
Or the park.
Wading through hips of fallen leaves.
With your dog. Your child. Spouse. Friends. And a camera =)
Kitchen buzz. The scent of cinnamon. Drawing smiles in the flour all over the place.
Evenings by candlelight. With cider and mulled wine.
Ginger buns, muffins and pumpkin pie. Hot chocolate. Mincemeat. And anticipation of Christmas.
Add the flavour of jazz. Stir gently. Serve warm with the streusel of kisses.
Or rather go wandering along the city in the rain. Drop in for a pint to a basement boozer. Coffee and cigarettes. Tango or jazz - on your choice.
Soothing coolness of steel close to your heart. Smoke smell and scent of blood almost gone.
Take the train and run away.
To the woods?
And when a hound dog follows you home. When you find that hound dog snooping round your door in the rain and feed it, and take it home. Be ready to take 9 steps down the hell.
Or were you that hound dog?
Or his master?

Today it's easy living. Darkness outside and a golden glimmer of candlelight over my desk. As I'm enjoying Julie & Julia curled in the quilt. Cup of steaming tea in hand - you know blending simple black with a few leaves of milk oolong adds a ravishing warming flavour of cream. Yummy!
What does November mean to you?
What are you feeling - now?
Yeap, why don't we collect the diverse meanings of "November"?

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2011-11-03 в 01:10 


2011-11-03 в 01:21 

Смысл дороги в том, что дороги нет. (с)Кирлиан
ранэвэй это по-нашему

2011-11-04 в 18:20 

Karolina Cienkowska
Trust your heart, and trust your story.
Как хорошо. Насладилась всеми оттенками ноября, была рада увидеть там и наши )

2011-11-04 в 22:52 

All we are is dust in the wind. Stardust

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